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Engineering for kids
Be like me an engineer like no one else
Art for kids
The world of art in the kids house where free creativity
Mathematics for kids
There is no limit to your mathematical genius
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Move the wheel of your digital creativity
Science for kids
The world of kids house is your real digital world

Kids house

Kids House Educational Foundation: An educational and educational institution that cares for children and young people from 7 to 17 years old. We are interested in building mental abilities and cognitive skills in children and strengthening the foundations of correct logical thinking from an early age to contribute to building the emerging digital generation. We adopt modern scientific curricula, well-researched educational methods, and use a platform equipped with many tools that supports distance learning. To achieve our goals, we focus on various educational recreational courses, activities, and camps.

Let's go

Learn, innovate, design, discover, program, think , develop, enjoy

Our Goal

Provide support for your kids in teaching all modern digital skills in the fields of programming, technology, science, art, engineering and mathematics.


Together towards the world of digital creativity

Our courses are taught according to international standards and curricula as they are presented in an interactive manner under the supervision of a group of the best certified professional instructors.

Our Courses

Popular Course

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Game-making from Scratch

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Arduino Robotics LEGO EV3

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Programming Course

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Ehsan R

Founder Chairman

Fadi Kreiz

Founder CEO