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Circuit Design Principles


About Course

Manufacturing an electronic circuit using the elements used. It can also be applied practically to connect household LEDs, meat and connect them with the battery and buttons

Course axes

1- LID series / branching circuit.
2- Water tank circuit.
3- Fire alarm circuit
4- Transmitter and receiver circuit.
5- Flasher circuit.

The knowledge and skills that the trainee will acquire After the course ends

  • The use of electrical and electronic circuits.
  • The possibility of applying most of the circuits that it sees.

Topics for this course

instructor is alaa alahmar

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Course hours

15 training hours 

The purpose of the course

The student will have the ability to connect any electronic circuit and learn the basic electronic elements in the circuit and the function of each element.


Several electronics include circuit elements

Target Audience

Children 7-11
Adolescents 12-17