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Scratch Creative Computing 2


About Course

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Course axes

1- Introducing algorithms and how to create an algorithm for any game
2- The numbers game
3- Tennis game
4- The farm game
5- The game of blocking the road
6- The space plane game
7- Maze game
8- Christmas Card
9- Game guess the number
10- The pizza dough game

The knowledge and skills that the trainee will acquire After the course ends

  • Learn about logical thinking methods
  •  Learn about solution algorithms
  • Identify general software tools in a clear way

About the instructors

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Course hours

15  training hours 

The purpose of the course

Learners gain basic programming concepts such as iteration, terms, and concepts
More complex as objects in a learning friendly way.
Trainees acquire basic skills such as communication, analysis, and collaboration
These skills are essential for future success.


  • Passing the first level Scratch course
  • Basic computer skills

Target Audience

Children 7-11
Adolescents 12-17