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Scratch Creative Computing

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Scratch is a teen-friendly programming language for kids developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Using virtual ‘blocks’ instead of text, in this course children learn logical thinking and programming, create fun games and projects, a computing curriculum full of activities for playing and designing with Scratch, and exploring the intersection of creativity and computing projects in a step-by-step method to help you design, create and think all over Its types.

  • Learn the principles of programming, logical thinking and analysis skill
  • Introducing Scratch and Objects
  • Introducing the different iteration episodes
  • Creating animated stories and animations
  • Designing interactive games

Course Curriculum

Learn about logical thinking methods
Learn about solution algorithms

Course Curriculum

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20 training hours 

The purpose of the course

It develops the creativity and innovation capabilities of children, and encourages them to
Designing their own projects and implementing them on the ground.

Basic knowledge of computer skills

Children 7-11
Adolescents 12-17